Records illustrate detectives' suspicions

LEESBURG -- Police released new documents Wednesday showing investigators became suspicious of Trenton Duckett's mother the night the 2-year-old was reported missing.

A sworn statement from Leesburg Senior Detective Ian Thornton shows Melinda Duckett "was clearing out the apartment, emptying the refrigerator as if moving from the residence."

Police also sifted through trash dumped that night by one of two men who had been watching a video with Duckett and found "numerous articles relative to caring for a child," according to the statement, which was used to secure a search warrant for the woman's apartment.

Detectives looking for baby-toting crack dealer

Investigators are looking for a man who they say held a baby in his arms while selling crack cocaine to detectives in an undercover drug sting.

The investigation began in June, when Broward Sheriff's Office deputies in Dania Beach started a three-month investigation into illegal narcotics sales in the city.

Detectives, doctors face off on networks

Tonight ushers in the biggest time-slot battle of the television season: Grey's Anatomy on ABC vs. CSI on CBS.

Disney-owned ABC hopes its steamy medical drama will mean more advertising dollars, especially from movie studios. CBS is jockeying to maintain its dominance of Thursdays. CBS used Survivor, CSI and Without a Trace to build a schedule that overtook NBC.

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Records illustrate detectives' suspicions
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